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Wonga for the West Midlands

The West Midlands has always been a hub of industry, from the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, to hosting the countries 2nd largest city. Despite the huge array of massive brands that call Birmingham and the surrounding areas home, there are going to always be clients who need a little helping hand with business finance.

This week is National Apprentice week and companies in the West Midlands have been urged to help support the Local Enterprise Partnership. This in turn boosts the amount of companies taking on apprentices.

It seemed for a while that apprenticeships went under the radar and were not as popular as some other schemes, but the apprenticeship is back with a vengeance, proving that we do need skilled labourers, in fact, certain qualifications are hard to come by in the UK, in terms of people you need for the job, an example would be engineers.

For those wanting to take on an apprentice, there is a huge amount of support and funding available.

For those considering taking on other staff, especially those who are completely qualified for the job,  or wanting to increase their business by purchasing materials and machinery, there are ways of gaining funding through a solution called Invoice Discounting.

Invoice Discounting is a very flexible way of gaining capital from invoices you want to send to your clients. Rather than having to wait months for the money to be paid and then that money going elsewhere, you can have the money from a select few of your invoices, in your account, within 24 hours. Then you simply continue chasing the clients for payment and once everything is paid, you receive the rest of the payment and a tiny percentage goes to the Invoice Discounting Lender.

For those businesses in the West Midlands who are searching for alternative funding for their business, consider Invoice Discounting.

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