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Women in business

The increase in women in business over the past 10 years is incredible. From the employment of more mothers returning to work, to those female entrepeneurs that have set up their own businesses the trend is growing and growing.

For some, returning to work is a no-no after having a family, due to the increase in cost of child care, it may seem more cost-effective for some to stay at home. On the back of this many women have gone freelance or self-employed and work from home to allow for child care and a flexible job.

For those who have striven to create a small company or who head up medium to larger companies, if you are finding finance a problem, have you considered Factoring?

Factoring Lenders are more than happy to discuss financing for SME’s and here at Select Factoring, we whole heartedly support new businesses, small and medium businesses whether you are female or male.

Our services allow all companies to gain finance quickly simply, without having to fill out thousands of forms and wait around for a decision.

We consider your invoices to clients and if clients are credit worthy, you could have the capital tied up in those invoices in under 24 hours.

No waiting around. No disappointment.

Factoring offers a very flexible financial solution to women in business. You may need to pay staff, you may need to purchase more materials or you may simply want to treat your team to a Christmas drink.

Factoring is growing in the UK and we want to extend our hand to female entrepeneurs and business women to support and offer alternative financial solutions.

So if you are a woman in business in need of some financial advice, don’t hesitate to contact Select Factoring, we can talk you through some fantastic financing options.

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