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Whats wrong with the Euro?

Whats right with the euro? I remember years ago pre- euro that europe seemed a happier place. Roll on 2011 with countries in crisis looking to their neighbours to offer a helping hand when even those countries have major issues of their own.

For some the euro was a positive move, helping businesses and tourism and creating a uniform currency for the majority of europe. I always though it just made things alot more expensive that they were originally. Naturally every year prices rise, inflation dictactes this, and certain elements in demand are able to offer higher prices.

Remember the property boom, to have a house in the south of France was all the rage, it moved onto Bulgaria, Romania and so on.

The reason we’re having a little chat about the Euro at Select Factoring is  because one of us is actually going on holiday, and when looking at the exchange rate, the euro is utterly ridiculous, it’s pretty much equivalent to the pound. As you can imagine this makes for an incredibly expensive holiday. Some will agree, some will say, have a holiday, have a well deserved break, no matter what it costs. I suppose certain people have been incredibly savvy with their money and their breaks during the recession and economic crisis in the UK. We’ve been used to tightening the purse strings and searching for bargains.

Not all countries are part of the euro and still use their own currancy. Although many people may not have considered this country for a holiday, Poland is an incredible place to visit, with alot of history and culture and their own currency which proves for a cheap holiday, which can contain alot of exciting days out. So if you’re still worried about money, but need to get away

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