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What to Expect in 2013?

Not that Christmas is well and truly over and the new year is looming, it’s time to start looking into our business crystal ball to make a few predictions as to what small businesses can expect in 2013. This year has been filled with ups and downs, from the double dip recession to olympic highs, so what will the new year bring? While nothings for certain, we can definitely make a few educated guesses!

While UK economic growth has hardly been setting the world alight recently, there is a certain confidence building. Many experts are saying that there are enough positives coming out of the business sector to say that 2013 will hopefully not include overwhelming doom and gloom. However, it still pays to be cautious, and though going for growth is important, staying on top of debts and customer payments will need to remain a priority for small business.

If your business was strong enough financially to ride out the worst of the economic storm, then you could be on for a good year. Hopefully you’ll be quick to bounce back from recession, as well as benefitting from reduced competition due to the ‘thinning’ effect of business closures on the market. A strong financial base will hopefully make for strong financial growth in the new year.

One of the big opportunities that is opening up for small business is the ability to export goods and services – there are government schemes to encourage this from SMEs as well as numerous avenues and markets to explore. The internet will continue to level the playing field for small businesses, so you can take advantage of markets that traditionally you may have thought were inaccessible.

There is much hope that 2013 will see the economy as a whole on firmer footing, as well as opening up some new opportunities for small businesses to cash in – and grow themselves.


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