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Welcome to the Select Factoring news blog. We’re incredibly excited about the launch of our site, and have been working tirelessly to perfect the look and the content, and hope that we can help hundreds of businesses.
Financial Experience
We’ve all worked in the finance industry for a number of years and decided that providing a solution to businesses that need funds quickly would be a great way to boost business, for both our customers and ourselves.
Financial solutions
The recession of the past few years and the unstable economy has prevented lenders outlaying vast amounts of money, which for businesses is incredibly frustrating. To explain what we can do to help businesses, we find this the most simple way to describe.
If a company in the manufacturing industry receives a huge order for plastic ties, the biggest they may have had in years, they don not want to turn the opportunity down, and the profit from this order will be incredible, but they need funds upfront to purchase materials to be able to complete the order. In steps Select Factoring. We can help that company by providing a percentage of the funds up front by taking all or a select few of their invoices. We then chase the company who placed the order for payment, whilst the manufacturer gets on producing the order. When everything is complete, the invoice paid the client is over the moon with their order of plastic ties, we then release the rest of the invoice funds minus a small fee. It’s really quite simple, and companies have the option of letting us do all the work, some of the work or none of the work and just lending you the funds. I’m really putting this in laymen’s terms, but if you’re interested in what we do or would like some information or advice about our services , don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re waiting.

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