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Weekend trade

Traditionally the weekend was the time for retailers to get their hits of money from those 9-5 workers, but does this still stand today?

We’ve always watched financial trends such as seasonality or payment trends. This weekend may have been a succesful time for retailers, it’s the second month of payments after Christmas and people are a little more relaxed. It’s a bit of a limbo time as people are either saving for holidays or haven’t really anything on the agenda, so they treat themselves.

This weekend may have been a fruitful time for business, not only retailers but those who sent out invoices before Christmas may have been paid.

If not, there is no need to worry. 90 day payments is a real long stretch but sometimes if you have invoices that need to be sent out again now, you can gather those invoices and raise some capital from those. Alternative funding is becoming more and more popular and hopefully will be seen as the go to alternative funding.

Many banks are now offering these types of funding, but it always seems the best bet to go to an independent financial specialist who are experts in factoring and invoice discounting.

These people can put you in touch with the best financial funders, some who specify in particular industries such as manufacturing.

So, if you’ve not had the best weekend on record, get things moving again by contacting a factoring lender, who will forward the capital tied up in all of those invoices you have on your desk. You can have up to 85% of the  value of the invoices then when they have all been paid up you get the rest of the money minus a small fee for using the factoring lender. It really is that simple. Don’t hedge your bets on a good shopping weekend, get factoring.

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