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Time for insurance

Ok, we thought we would talk a little about business insurance as we’ve had our renewal quote and thought it might be a good topic to cover.

Business insurance and company property insurance.

If you are self employed you could opt to take out business insurance depending on your trade. Obviously if you are working with members of the public or they are visiting your place of work it is always suggested that you insure yourself. Trades people and skilled workers may be performing manual labour and dangerous work, so insurance is a must in those circumstances.

As soon as you employ staff it is vital that you take out business insurance- Employers Liability Insurance. It is not the law to take out these insurances but it is strongly suggested that you do. Certain clients may require your company have cover for certain aspects.

There is such a huge range of business insurances such as skilled trade insurance, pub and club insurance, shop and retail and professional trade insurance. All cover certain aspects of business and cover for the worst case scenario.

So, its a big step to take, but at the end of the day, for what ever reason, if your business is covered, you can relax and know even in the worst case, you have insurance to back you up.

So now it’s just a case of paying out for the insurance, most insurance companies offer annual or monthly payments, if you’re low on cash monthly would probably be a better bet, but sometimes it will incur interest costs.

A one off payment can work out cheaper, but if you don’t have the money to pay this what can you do?

There are a range of Finance Factoring options you can take to gain capital readily, which allows you to pay for such things as business insurance.

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