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The Ultimate Franchise

Sometimes the word Franchise can strike fear into the hearts of a business person. Some Franchises have been an incredible success look at McDonalds, certain phone companies and so on, and some have been a total flop.

The Interface Financial Group provides short term solutions to businesses by purchasing selected invoices at discount providing capital.

Now it may sound like you’ve got to have millions in the bank to do this, but basically as part of a franchise you won’t be lending the money you will be gaining the assets.

The minimum investment into the scheme is £50,000, and off you go. Now its a daunting task but if you’vebeen keeping up with the news and our blogs from Select Factoring, you’ll realise Invoice Discounting, Factoring and Selective Factoring have become increasingly popular amongs SME’s and obviously much larger businesses. So, you will have the power to help businesses grow and be kept from the jaws of debt.

The positives of becoming a factoring franchise are :

Incredible return on investment

Earn more return on your working capital, start with a small amount and increase it as business grows.

Low Overheads

You can work from home or an office, there is no rental or lease payments for. No inventory or special equipment to purchase and maintain
No employees to hire, manage, or fire

Flexible hours

Work full-time or part-time – you’re the boss so it’s your choice
Use IFG as a transition vehicle – keep your current position and gradually build your IFG business until you’re ready to leave ‘corporate’ life
Integrate other business services you currently provide – as long as they are not in conflict or competition with IFG


Work with business-to-business companies
Work with local companies – there’s no extensive travel
Work professional hours – 9 to 5 weekdays

PortableWant to spend winters in a warm climate and summers in a cool climate? It’s easy to do with Interface Financial Group.
Want to relocate? You have to freedom to move around where ever you like

So as you can see this type of franchise could be a great success!


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