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The stresses and strains of business

It’s always going to bring an element of stress- business, that it. Especially if you are the one heading up the business, or have responsibility over projects and people. Some people love the thrill of the challenge and deal with stress in a very sensible manner. Others don’t and this can cause major problems not only in the business but with their own health. Work related stress has risen over the past two decades and companies go out of their way to support their employees and reduce the amount of work related stress cases.

So, what can you do when things are getting on top of you?

Firstly at work, organise yourself, make lists and work through them. Ask advice and support and don’t be afraid to do so. There are many people there who can help you.

Take breaks, get outside, go for a walk, you may feel that you haven’t got time, but everyone is allowed breaks throughout their day, even to get away from their desk and phone.

Make sure you set yourself realistic goals and try not to be the one staying behind for hours after work. If you have a family they won’t thank you for this and neither will you.

Get your finances in order, both at work and at home, these factors cause incredible stress but there is a huge wealth of support available.

At home, ensure you try to relax, whatever you do, your mind needs a break from work and you need to approach it every day with a positive outlook. Sleep, this is the most important thing as well as eating. Stress can cause the body to break down both physically and mentally and many people can suffer from this, sleep is the time the body repairs itself so ensure you try and aim for 8 hours a night.

Do something totally different and creative to get your brain working in a different way. Using your hands and mind is a great release from stress.

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