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The lending rollercoaster ride.

A study carried out by the Engineering Employment Federation shows that in recent times the flow of lending from banks to businesses has hardly improved. Although lending conditions have stabilized the picture is still mixed, after taking feedback from 300 firms, the report noted that lending had increased but not to the level that companies need to progress, grow and carry on trading. Companies are managing to find funds from lending partners but are paying the price.

This obviously puts a lot of pressure on companies, and they will start to doubt that we will ever drag ourselves out of this economic problem. This month the UK economy has plunged to the same level as we saw in 2009, when the recession was possibly at its worst. It’s like being on a roller coaster. The economy has hardly grown at all, yes it may have stabilized but that is it.

The immense pressure on companies and businesses to carry on tradition without the support of financial lending from banks is incredible. This is why we saw so many companies closing their doors at the start of the recessions. It is a sad sad story.

However, there is always something to help, a solution, a life line.  Banks are starting to lend again. But you take these funds and an incredible penalty rate. New businesses and start ups seem to be able to access decent funding option, and of course they would, because its the governments wish to increase the amount of start up and small businesses. But what if you’re a large company and need funds to process and order, purchase materials or pay your staff? Taking out a loan doesn’t seem like the best option but it may have to be the way to go, unless you take a serious look at Factoring.

I’ll say no more, we know all about Factoring, and it really is quick, simple, easy and you’ll only pay a small fee., don’t feel forced to speak to your bank about lending, look at the other options.


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