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The Final Countdown

Today is exactly one month until Christmas, yes I know you are probably fed up already, but the reality is lots of people love Christmas, and lots of people loath Christmas.

In business it goes two ways. It can be the quietest time of the year, and some companies can really struggle over the Christmas period, to a point in fact, that some manufacturers close their warehouses down and halt production


On the other hand, Christmas can be the busiest time of the year for some companies, especially those in retail or those who produce in retail. It is manic. Think about all those food producers also. In the past few years, despite the terrible economic state of the country, the UK consumer spending at Christmas has risen year on year with retailers trying everything to get customers to purchase goods, even having sales before the actual Christmas period.


This year, despite that trend, some say this Christmas will be dumbed down, we personally don’t believe that for one second. With the growth of e commerce and consumers becoming more savvy to shopping, it give them more time, more price options and therefore more money to spend on their loved ones.

So back to business… whether you close or carry on trading over the festive period, do you have enough cash to:

  • Pay your staff
  • Offer a Christmas bonus
  • Pay for the staff party
  • Pay any tax bills in January
  • Employ temporary seasonal staff



If the answer is no, then Select Factoring have a solution. We offer a range of Factoring including invoice discounting and selective factoring which allows you to take the capital tied up in client invoices and have the cold hard cash, way before the payments are due from your clients. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to the festive season.

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