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The Festive Season is Here

The festive season is well and truly upon us. However, in between all the shopping and celebration there’s some harsh realities for many small businesses. According to a recent survey, a third of small business owners will have less than two days off over the Christmas period.

This all shows how many businesses owners don’t have the resources or finances to take lots of time off over the Christmas period. While many would prefer to be at home spending time with friends and family, they simply can’t take the time off and lose money and sales opportunities. Many owners just don’t have the option to have a nice Christmas break, no matter how much they might want it.

32.7% said they would be closing their doors for only 0-2 days over Christmas, whereas 24.4% said they would be closing completely over Christmas, showing that they simply don’t have the resources to carry on running with reduced staff.

This all comes down to the tough climate for small businesses in the UK. Poor economic growth, high taxes, and lack of funding availability through the banks means it’s hard for many small businesses to survive, even with the extra opportunities that Christmas brings.

Small business owners are particularly hard hit as they don’t have the manpower or resources to delegate their responsibilities, nor do they have the infrastructure to let their staff get on with the job of day-to-day tasks while they take a well earned break. However, small business owners are often keen to take advantage of increased sales opportunities over Christmas but are often forced to deal with staff shortages as their employees take advantage of their holiday.

So, what will you be doing over Christmas this year?

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