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The Ebay of invoices is a fairly new company which has been trading for as little as 3 months, yet has gained national accreditation and has traded more than £1 Million in invoices.

If you’re an avid follower of the Select Factoring blog, you’ll know what we’re all about and hopefully we’ve educated you in the world of factoring, invoice discounting and selective factoring. Market Invoice basically deals in a way which many other factoring lenders do, but the main difference is invoices are put up for auction. UK SME’s wanting to turn their invoices into advance working capital can post all or a select few of their invoices online with Market Invoice, and Investors will bid on the invoices to provide the best capital for those SME’s minus a fee.

Putting your invoices online is quite a daunting process, but Market Invoice assures us that this process is incredibly secure and private, it will be the buyers seeing the invoices and bidding on them.

This system has become incredibly popular, it has been awarded the Shell Live Wire Grand Ideas Winner for 2011.

Market Invoice will do exactly the same as any lender, the only downside we can see is that fees can differentiate and that you may get your money and very quickly, but fees may increase depending on the lender.

Other than that, well done Market Invoice for a great idea, it opens new doors to thousands of SME’s across the UK and lots of investors across the world. It’s also great news for Factoring, and shows that it is on the rise and that hundreds of companies are turning to Factoring options rather than having to charm their banks for some money, which let’s all be honest, isn’t happening at the moment. We know that Factoring has saved companies from bankruptcy and allowed them to grow, Market Invoice may well be the leader in the Factoring Trend.

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  • Posted by MarketInvoice on September 14th, 2011

    Thank you SelectFactoring for your kind words. I would like to add that the thresholds for any auction on our platform are set by a seller and so a business can actually set the maximum percentage they are willing to pay. It works as an excellent starting point and through the power of the marketplace, competitive bids drive down that cost so that a business can get the most cost-effective financing.

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