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The charm company that has lost its charm

If you’re in the know about fashionable jewellery you may have heard of Pandora. The Pandora craze started a couple of years ago in the UK and spread across the country, on the wrists of pretty much every female. It’s a desirable piece of beautiful jewellery, allowing you to add charms which mean something to you, its like a chain of happy memories, and this is how Pandora marketed their product.

This week it was released that the Danish companies shares had dropped by 70%, last October when the company floated shares were worth £25, but now have dropped to £4.61. The UK Chairman of Pandora believe that this drop is due to poor execution and a hike in prices which a mass market in this economy could not afford.

Pandora advertised charm bracelets packed full of charms, which in reality could cost thousands, your average Pandora wear could possibly only afford a few charms, and most of which would be the lower price charms.

Market analysts believe that even due to the increase in silver prices this faddy product has left a few embarrassed people in the Pandora team, who over hyped this product.

Pandora now seems like a company out of control, despite the loyal followers, who knows what will happen to the jewellery firm, who have been going strong over the past decade.

Personally I don’t own a Pandora bracelet, there was a time where I would have liked one, but now I think I would prefer to invest in antique pieces.


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