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Taking a business break

Everyone deserves to take a break during the business year. Whether that is a holiday with family or a week of at home to do some DIY. It is the best way to let your mind and body relax from stressful times and it is also a way of returning to work with a refreshed mind and a new fire to tackle new challenges.

There are people who are workaholics and tend not to take any holidays. Sometimes it can be slightly worrying that things are going to get done or things may go wrong whilst you are away, but in the grand scheme of things, as long as you have left a plan and others know what to cover whilst you are away, things should be fine.

There is also a culture of people taking their work with them. It can be difficult to get away from work, especially if you are in a position of responsibility and authority. With the technology of today, many people take their phones on holiday and still end up receiving calls and emails from their place of work, so they never actually get away.

What top tips can we offer for those taking a break?

Firstly make sure all the work you have to do is completed before you go.

Contact your clients to inform them you will be away, but give them another point of contact within the company if they need some information.

Speak to your staff and colleagues and ensure they know exactly where you are with clients.

Make sure all invoices are paid as well as staff and bills. The last thing you want to come back to is more bills or charges.

Finally make sure you relax. It is important to take a break, enjoy it and relish the time away, when you get back to work it will be like hitting the ground running.

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