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SME Funding shake up.

The head of the British Bankers Associtation has warned of a bit of a shake up and the banking sector should weigh up the pros and cons of small business lending. After a period of hardship the banks are more than willing to reach out to small business and support them with lending.  But the Independant Commission worries that this type of lending will have bad consequences for SME.

Reccomendations have will be put forward, making sure we provide stabilitie to banks and companies rather than creating problems which echo the recent recession.

5 of the larges UK High Street banks have been put forward to offer support to SMEs

Whether you would consider a loan or not the reality with any loans is the amount of interest you will end up paying and whether you should realisitcally take out the loan in the first place. You don’t want to end up in paying over the odds for something you may not have fully thought about in the first place.

Being Factoring lenders and experts, the team at Select Factoring is always going to blow its own trumpet and fight the cause for other options of lending.

Factoring, is possibly one of the best ways of raising funds quickly from your own invoices, you’re not paying interest, you’re not having to pay it off over 20 years, its your money, you’re simply getting an advance rather than having to wait up to 90 days for your payments, the only thing that you have to really do is pay a small fee to the factoring lender at the end of the day.

Its great, you tell us about what money you have owed within invoices and hey presto we’ll lend you up to 90% of that amount,

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