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Every good business should know the power of advertising and marketing. Whether that is low-level using a range of free platforms to talk about their work, or going all out on a national campaign.

The power of advertising is incredible, as long as you choose the right methods and target audiences correctly. Unfortunately you will need a budget to invest into a great advertising campaign and the team at Select Factoring have some tips and ideas of prices that you can compare and contrasts. Starting with the basics.

Firstly, remember all of these methods base their prices on the amount of people who purchase, buy, read, watch, listen and visit the platform.


The most traditional way of advertising, from the local rag to a national broadsheet, press has always been the first point of call for many advertisers but, due to the increase in other media platforms, press is slowly declining and can be rather expensive. Industry magazines are a great way to target a specific audience but again can be rather costly for a page spread.


Probably the most used currently, there are plenty of free platforms to put your profile on and using pay-per-click can up your rates, but the best way is to have someone manage your content to make sure it is organic and working the hardest it can.


Still very popular and possibly one of the best mediums to advertise on. From a local to a national station, radio advertising is very creative and can catch the imagination of thousands, if you have something good to say, your ROI is unfounded.


The most expensive and the most generalised. A slot in prime time can cost companies thousands, which could be spent in other areas. There is too much choice these days and with new technology enabling people to skip ads, this could be construed as a waste of money.

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