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Short Term Financing

You can always plan ahead and prepare for most eventualities, but what happens when you need unexpected cash flow quickly? Short term financing means you need to think what’s best for your business. With bank loans and overdrafts hard to access, it can all fall to alternative finance to help you out. Invoice finance can raise capital quickly and flexibly so you can cope with anything that’s thrown at your business.

So, why should your business consider invoice finance for short term financing?

You can receive up to 90% of the value of your invoices, getting cash flow quickly to help you and your business. You don’t need to take on any new debt as you’re just releasing cash from funds you’re already owed by customers.

If you want to raise more cash but want to remain discrete then opting for invoice discounting could be for you. This is mainly aimed at medium sized businesses who want to cash flow but don’t want their customers to know they’re using the service. As you remain in control of credit collection, customers will be none the wiser.

If, however, you want help with your invoicing procedure, then factoring could be for you. Smaller businesses without a dedicated finance department or invoicing infrastructure could benefit from the complete credit control system offered by a factoring service. The lender will take over collection duties, taking the strain away from your staff, and you’ll still receive your funds as quickly as possible.

One benefit of both methods of invoice factoring is flexibility. You can opt to factor all or just some of your invoices, so you can tailor your factoring programme to your business needs. What’s more, you’re not taking on any long term debt – this is a form of finance that you can use in the short term, when you need it. It’s this flexibility that has made it so popular amongst all types of business.

If you need short term funding, then invoice factoring could be the way to go.

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