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Set up costs for your small business

If you’re considering setting up your own business, you probably realise there can be some initial costs which could be small depending on the type of business you’re going to run, or they could be incredibly expensive.

There are many things to consider, if you’re providing a service or you’re selling products, distributing or buying from overseas.

One of the great options for funding after your initial set up is factoring.

If for instance you are an electrician, you have a run around in terms of a vehicle but need something more suited to the job which allows you to take all of your tools and equipment with you, if you run your  business for a couple of months and then raise invoices to give to your clients, rather than having to wait days for the payments you can consider factoring as a way to gain funds quickly.

If you had an invoice for a large job, you can contact at Factoring Lender and give them the details of the invoice, then you can send the invoice out, you will  be given up to 95% of the funding within 24 hours and then you can purchase that fabulous new van you needed. The factoring lender then chase up the clients for payment and you receive the rest of the funds minus a small fee when it comes to payment completion.

Its really quite that simple, plus you’re only using the money you are owed within your invoices.

There will be set up costs for a small business, you may have real minimum costs and only need a few pens and paper, there may be huge costs where you need tools and vehicles. Factoring is a great solution for small, medium and large companies and allows you to gain funds quickly and simply with minimum costs.

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