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One more week of trading

One more week and we can kick back and relax, well some of us can, some will be still working hard over Christmas.

It’s not too late if you need to find some quick financing options.

Select Factoring offers a range of financing solutions to small and medium enterprises. If you have invoices to send out to clients over the festive season, you might not actually see the cash to well into the new year.

Factoring allows you to release the capital tied up in invoices and gain the capital quickly. By next week you could have a considerable amount of money which will let you pay for any bills, purchase more materials and maybe some Christmas treats for your staff.

You can either opt to hand everything over the factoring lender so that they can continue to chase up payments or carry on chasing clients yourself.

Factoring is a very flexible option and its quick. It’s also very cost-effective and allows companies to expand and grow without having to wait months for client payments.

Factoring has contributed to some great business success stories in 2011 and we hope this trend grows into 2012. Only a tiny percentage of businesses know about and use factoring and we hope that in 2012 more and more companies will latch onto a great thing. Factoring is a fantastic alternative lending solution, in a time of economic depression. Banks are stretched and despite the call for eased business lending, there seems to be no immediate action. Factoring on the other hand is now, its quick, you can have an answer on the same day and the next day you could have the cash.

So, if you need festive funding, don’t leave things until the last-minute, contact a factoring lender today and see where you stand in regards to gaining capital through factoring.

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