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New year, new finance options

As we head into the carnage that is Christmas most companies that are completely savvy will have plans in place for 2012. Lets hope its the year we can get the economy going again. Although in recent news, it feels that some critics believe David Cameron’s decision to not be part of the Euro Treaty is a bad one and will leave us isolated from the rest of the world.

For traders and companies that constantly ship abroad or trade with international clients, hopefully not much will changes, as they may have already built a working relationship. For those hoping to go global and expand in 2012, it may cause a bit of a problem if Europe is involved.

Despite the last few years of recession there are companies which have boomed through the difficult period and they tend to be the small to medium businesses which are the fuel of the economy. One of the main reasons that they have not been able to Jump Start those companies above them is due to lack of funding and financial help.

SME’s find it increasingly difficult to find ways of funding their business. Finances may enable companies to grow and expand to the overseas market.

One form of funding that has slowly been creeping into the minds of those directors and CEO’s is Factoring and Invoice Discounting.

Only a tiny percentage of SME’s in the UK use Factoring, yet in other parts of the world such as the USA and Australia, Factoring is incredibly popular and probably more accessible and utilised than bank loans.

Hopefully 2012 will open doors to small businesses and educate them in the range of alternative funding available.

After all, despite all the promises and talk from the government, easing lending is not going to happen overnight, so companies need a fast solution to finance.


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