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New Year Finance

One week left, let’s think about getting our finances in check for the new year. It may be a lot easier to say and harder to do, but with a bit of common sense you can start the new year with a bang and on track with your funding.

January can be rather slow for some companies but crazy for others. Make sure you have enough finances in the bank to make a start on new projects. Refresh your advertising, clean up your web site and make sure its working well for you. This all costs, but doesn’t have to cost the earth.

If you are owed money from clients from months ago, now is the time to get those invoices paid. If you are having trouble there is an option with factoring where a factoring lender such as Select Factoring will lend you the money tied up in invoices for a small thing. The great thing about this alternative funding is that is very flexible, you could have the money in your bank within 24 hours! It’s very simple and costs a tiny amount of the final amount,

You can start the new year with a lump sum of cash if needed which will allow you to plan all out payments and purchases.

Factoring has enabled hundreds of small to medium businesses to grow over the last financial year, despite the economic depression.

Having a financial plan is common sense and allows you to see expenditure and incoming profit.

So, there you have it, there are many options, you may be in a great financial position not to have to seek alternative funding, if however you need a bit of a boost, Factoring and Invoice discounting are a great way to provide funding that is already owed to you, quickly and efficiently.

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