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New debt collection comparison site

We’re always looking for news and ways to support Small and Medium businesses in the UK and start-up companies. Today we stumbled across a new comparison site-

DCA- standing for Debt Collection Agency, allows customers to use the site and compare a range of services provided by specialist companies to recover overdue debt.

The site offers 15 different debt recovery companies that can chase money owed to you from all over the world. These companies can chase debt in the native language which reduces the chance of clients ignoring demands.

The site is very clever in that it will estimate two costs for you, based on 100% success and 50% success in gaining the money owed to you. You are offered a minimum and maximum cost.They also include a no-win no-fee policy.

So, if you have been owed money in the UK and from abroad from clients and have tried using internal credit control with no success, it is wise to simply see what the companies on can offer you.

If you have used Factoring and have handed your invoices over to a Factoring Lender, you’ll be pleased to know that they will actually chase those clients for payment on your behalf. The only way factoring can be successful is that if clients that owe money are credit worthy.

So this breeds the question, are the suppliers companies deal with in the first place credit worthy?

They may well have been, but due to the economic depression across the globe, could have run into a spot of bother.

You never know what may happen, luckily there are a range of options and as distressing as not being paid is, be happy in the knowledge that companies such as offer a variety of services which will support you and fingers crossed, have a 100% success rate when getting back the money owed to you by clients.




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