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Networking nightmare

Networking. This word alone can strike fear into many business people, but let’s be honest, if you don’t get out there and meet new people, how will your business survive?

Word of mouth is a very powerful tool and can make or break a company. Also people buy people, if they can see your passion and your temperament, you are more likely to pop into someones mind when they need you.

So, starting with basic networking, you don’t have to spend hundreds on buying into memberships. There are plenty of free events you can go do. In the East Midlands alone, if your company is of the creative type, there are creative hubs in all the main cities, Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, which offer events to those people, which are generally FREE. This means you can go along, learn something and meet a whole range of people.

Other communities run specific networking events, so for specialist industries, some for female business people. These tend to have an annual fee but as part of that, you are fed, watered, entertained and presented with a wealth of different contacts.

Some of these meetings welcome first timers on a small payment.

Networking is a great opportunity of meet and greet, offer your services face to face in an environment which isn’t a sales pitch and you tend to find a real mix of people, who you may call on in the future.

Another great advantage is that they can offer your advice from their own experiences, so for instance if they needed to raise some funding and used alternative methods to gain capital.

There is so much support and advice out there, you don’t have to run the business on your own.

Our advice, seek out your local networking group and attend, you’ll be nicely surprised.

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