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Neeps and Scottish Currency

The team at Select Factoring thought it would be a nice touch over the festive period to visit one of the most wonderful cities Edinburgh. Whilst we were there we encountered Scottish currency.

Scottish Currency is quite unusual in that is it only legal tender in Scotland and is the only currency to still produce a £1 note. It’s quite interesting to be handed these rather colourful notes which all features, as do English notes, scenes and portraits of famous people and places in Scotland

The £1 note features Edinburgh Castle

The £5 note features Culzean Castle

The £10 note features Glamis Castle

The £20 note features Brodick Castle

The £50 note features Inverness Castle (introduced in 2005)

and the £100 note features Balmoral Castle


Whilst in the beautiful city the Select Factoring team treated themselves to a Hot Toddy and some scenes of the beautiful city at Christmas time. 

Edinburgh is the favourite destination for many on New Years eve to see in Hogmanay – the Scottish celebration of the New Year, steeped in ancient traditions such as “first-footing” directly after the stroke of midnight, stepping across the threshold of a friend or neighbours house. Gifts of coal, short bread and whiskey would be bought into the home for good luck and traditionally, like most across the British Isles, “Auld Lang Syne” is sung, an old poem by Robert Burns that was set to music.

So we’ve been dazzled by the city, by the lights and the old charm and by the money, Edinburgh really does have it all!

So its back to the office for the team to prepare for 2012 and our array of services and products including Factoring, invoice discounting and letters of credit, to support new and established small and medium businesses gain business funding for the following year.

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