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Motivate for Monday

Sunday evening. Work tomorrow, the thought of this may horrify some, for others they can’t wait to get down to business.

How do we get ourselves up and running for a Monday, well firstly as simple as it may seem, make sure you get a good night sleep on a Sunday. Some people find it difficult to relax when their brains are busy, so take time to wind down and if you are worried about forgetting things in the morning, make a list, its written down and there in black and white.

Monday mornings can be taken up with checking emails and doing to “house keeping”, but it is something that needs to be done, plus when that is all over, that is the morning finished and Monday nearly over!

If you are worrying about business finances, one of the things to check on the Monday morning is the number of invoices that need to be sent to clients. Believe it or not, before you send those out, take time on  Monday to look at Factoring Lenders. These financial companies can basically advance you the money tied up in your invoices, before you even send them out. Yes it sounds unbelievable but it is a great way of getting some finance and an alternative funding source.

Factoring takes the capital in your invoices and pushes the pay date, way forward. Lenders take on the invoices and as long as the clients are creditworthy, the will give you the option to chase the clients or you can continue chasing them yourselves.

So that is Monday morning sorted out, now put the kettle on, get a horlicks and start to relax this evening.

Tomorrow will fly by and in fact, writing this post has motivated us to have a fantastic and fruitful week at Select Factoring.

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