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Some of you will be lucky enough to find a wad of cash in a few Christmas card this festive season. What will you do with your new-found wealth? Spend it in the sales? Go on-line to find some bargains? Or simply put it aside for a rainy day.

An incredible £8.6 Million was spent on-line last December which is equivalent to £111 per person. It is the trend to spend at the festive season and retailers have become attuned to the economy by offering sales way before Christmas, so you get more for you money. Funnily enough, despite the economy, spending has risen over the past 4 years.

The on-line sector does very well from spending and sales and can be very clever using marketing and programmes to encourage consumers and see which competitors have lowered their prices so they can stay ahead of the game.

Businesses make huge amounts of profit over the festive period but the backlash can be a very quiet January and February, this is when planning and cash flow can come in handy.

If there is a problem with cash flow there are some simple options for businesses that can gain capital tied up in invoices that need to be sent out. If your invoices are due at the end of the month, you can gain that capital well before then and be prepared for the New Year.

Alternative funding allows companies to carry on with their credit control or offer the whole job to a Factoring Lender, who can chase payments on your behalf. This makes gaining capital a flexible solution. You have the cash in a lump sum and someone is taking care of all the paper work. At the end of the payment date, you receive the rest of your money minus a small fee for using a factoring lender.


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