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Money Worries?

Yes we all have them, we can’t stray away and at some point in our life’s, possibly more than once, money or the lack of can cause real concern and stress for people.

I am a worrier, and one of my main worries is about money. For years I would stress about whether there was enough in the bank to cover the bills and so on, or if the next pay cheque will be enough to cover a big outgoing like a loan or a direct debit.

The more you worry the worse it seems. I remember reading something in “The Secret” that if you worry about money, your negative attitude will make things a lot worse, you have to think along the lines of ”I have money, I’m comfortable, and I don’t need to worry”, I think it said live as if you were a millionaire, obviously not blowing everything you’ve got but having a positive attitude. I did this for a while and yes it really does work. It’s hard not to become downtrodden especially when the media are constantly reminding us about the economy, the recession, a double dip, the eurozone crisis, not that I want to list everything but you catch my drift.

Yes its been a difficult time, but the fact is, and it may be easier to say than do, to have a positive attitude towards the situation.

There are options out there, if you are really worried about money, speak to an advisor at your bank or find yourself some free financial advice. If you have money but, like myself have to watch that  you don’t go crazy and spend all my money, it can still be stressful, as long as you’re savvy and put your money in the best places i.e. savings accounts or in capital then things should be good.

Stay positive, there is always help out there when it comes to money :) We’re always happy to give you advice at Select Factoring, whether it’s about factoring or being savvy with your money.

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