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It’s a time when families need to tighten their purse strings so why can’t businesses.

The last few years have seen a great rise in companies making hundreds of staff redundant and minimising staff, encouraging them to take on more roles, which in turn can put a strain on those particular people, especially if they are not being paid any more for more work.

Some companies have stopped using production abroad and invested in machines to produce products here in the UK. Some have taken the opposite step and employed production abroad to minimise costs.

It is all about cost cutting and as a business you may have had to do some yourself. If you need to recruit someone to provide a service such as IT, do  you still abide by the old rule of getting 3 quotes? A lot of people have seemed to have stopped doing this, although it is a completely sensible option.

The internet it full of companies providing services and products that it doesn’t take much time to find out the best and most reliable as well as the most sensibly priced. It is too easy to be sued by flashy presentations but logically if that company has a good reputation and is priced well they should be a sure-fire bet.

Another option is to recruit freelancers, if for instance you need someone to provide administration and secretarial work but you can’t afford to pay someone a salary, Virtual Assistants are a great way of getting that work completed at a lower price than a salary.

Small businesses are what stimulate the economy if you are a medium to large company and need some work completing, always consider those freelancers and sole traders, they are passionate and generally will provide you with high quality, well priced work.


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