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Monday morning money

After a frivolous weekend, its time to batten down the hatches and take stock of your finances. If like the team at Select Factoring, your bank balance sends shivers down your spine, never fear, there are solutions that will increase your balance to look healthy once more, especially if you are a small to medium enterprise.

This time of year can be incredible for some business and terrible slow for others, not matter how business goes through the festive season, you will need to be able to pay your staff, purchase materials and prepare the business for Christmas shut down, or festive rush. You may have had to employ Christmas staff to cope with the demand, or you may be looking forward to a quiet break over the festive period.

If you need to raise some funds, now is the perfect time with the aid of Factoring and a range of funding solutions.

It may be too late in the day to visit the bank for a business loan, and the reality is that currently the banks are really shutting down on lending, despite the news that they should be lending a little more freely, especially to SME’s in the UK.

SME’s are the fuel of the economy, the stir everything up and are the cogs in an ever flowing economic system. Unfortunately in recent years these cogs have been grinding slowly to a halt, where as some have been spinning like a whirling dervish. Its about supporting one another. With this in mind, Factoring lenders are willingly providing an array of funding solutions to allow companies to gain capital and keep business growing. Factoring has had some incredible success stories allowing companies to grow and win contracts they may have never had the chance of winning previously. So, before you fall into the festive swing of things, think about factoring to raise a little more festive funding.

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