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Many companies have grasped hold of social media to help improve their business, reach a much more targetted audience and in simple terms raise their profile. It is a very powerful tool and done well, social media can filter thousands of customers to your site, because they like what you are doing and want to know more.

Some companies are still quite traditional and tend to shy away from such systems, either because they know very little about it or they feel that it’s not the direction they want to take. Every company can benefit from social media. You can start with basic free sites and engage your customers using  interesting topics and information or you can step it up and use paid for campaigns which will literally grab the people you want and say “hey look at us”.

When you’re paying for such platforms it tends to come under marketing and advertising, which, let’s be honest, everyone should have a budget for no matter how small. From a weekly advert in a local paper to a national all singing, all dancing, multi platform campaign.

It this is the route you want to take but done ever seem to have a fixed budget or lump sum of money you can work with, you can always advance some cash for an advertising budget with the use of your invoices.

Invoice discounting is a form of business financing. Using the invoices you send out to clients, invoice discounters can forward you up to 85% of the value of those invoices and that can be with you within 24 hours.

When the rest of the money is paid by your clients, you then receive the rest of the funds minus a small fee for using an invoice discounter. It’s a great way to fund advertising and marketing project.

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