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With banks often unwilling to lend to small businesses, it’s understandable if cash flow gets tight. You might be struggling to finance your growing business, or you could just need help keeping afloat.

Invoice finance, factoring and asset finance are all options that mean you don’t need to rely on the banks.

Invoice discounting – how does it work?

Invoice discounting is a flexible service that lets you release cash flow and increase your capital quickly and easily. Once you’ve sent out invoices to customers, you can refer the details to Select Factoring who can then release 90% of the invoice value.

Your business will continue to chase payment, and when this is fulfilled, we can release the remaining 10% minus a small borrowing fee.

Invoice financing is a flexible service that you can use when you think is necessary. You’ll be able to pay your staff and bills on time, as well as funding growth and expansion plans.

There’s no need to wait 90 days for payment, and you’ll have access to the funds within 24 hours. You’ll still be in complete control, and won’t have to fill out reams of paperwork.

Helping business in Stratford-upon-Avon

If your business needs alternative funding in Stratford, invoice finance can be an excellent option.

Stratford-upon-Avon is synonymous with Shakespeare and the theatre, making it a well-known tourist destination. Situated near to Birmingham, Warwick and Coventry, this is a cultural and well-connected town, with far more to offer than a nice day out.

Many big businesses call this part of the country home, and with links to London and the East Midlands airport within close reach, it’s easy to see why. Birmingham, the UK’s second city, is a quick rail connection away or can be accessed via the M40.

If your company needs some extra help to make the most of this booming business area, then look no further than Select Factoring. We can offer alternative finance solutions which free up capital and keep your business running smoothly.

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Selective Factoring allows you the option and flexibility to select which invoices to use to release your funds, which is perfect if you need quick cash flow due to a large order of products. You can choose which single or multiple invoices to Factor.

You send out your invoices to customers as normal, and then pass the details to the Factoring Lender. They can release up to 90% of the funds to you within 24 hours and keep 10% until your customers pay the invoices.

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