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Coventry is a city with much World War II heritage, as well as one of the newest cathedrals in the country. This bustling West Midlands city has made a big contribution to the British motor industry, as well as housing two universities.

With excellent rail links and in close proximity to the M6, Coventry offers good connections with the rest of the country. Birmingham is on its doorstep, and London is easily reached as well. This makes it a business location to be envied.

If your Coventry business needs some help making the most of the opportunities in the West Midlands region, then Select Factoring can help. With asset based finance, factoring and invoice financing solutions, we offer many alternative funding options that might be ideal for your business.

With bank funding unreliable and inaccessible for many small businesses, it makes sense to look at your other financing options. Loans and overdrafts are not the only ways to boost your cash flow, combat late payment problems and reinvigorate expansion plans.

Select Factoring offer invoice discounting solutions that can help with all these key areas. You can release funds that are tied up in unpaid invoices, making sure that your company can continue to pay wages and bills on time, as well as giving the cash flow necessary for growth and recovery.

After you’ve sent your invoices to your clients, you can refer the details of the payments to Select Factoring, and we can immediately release 90% of their value. There’s no need to wait up to 90 days for payment – you will get the majority of the balance within 24 hours.

Your business will continue to follow up the customer payment. Once the debt has been cleared, Select Factoring will release the remaining 10% of the funds, minus a small lending fee.

It really is as straightforward as that. If your business is based in Coventry, invoice discounting is a flexible and accessible means of getting the funds you need. There’s minimal paperwork, and you’ll always be in full control.

For fast, secure and versatile funding solutions, contact Select Factoring today for more information.

Selective Factoring allows you the option and flexibility to select which invoices to use to release your funds, which is perfect if you need quick cash flow due to a large order of products. You can choose which single or multiple invoices to Factor.

You send out your invoices to customers as normal, and then pass the details to the Factoring Lender. They can release up to 90% of the funds to you within 24 hours and keep 10% until your customers pay the invoices.

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