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January brings the snow…

You may well be preparing your business for Christmas and festive season, but what about when the excitement is over? January can be a difficult time for companies, so Select Factoring have come up with 5 tips to help your business prepare for January.


1) If you were considering updating your internal systems, wait, you couldn’t pick a worse time than the festive period, it may have been a great idea but it should be done well before Christmas, especially if you are in the retail sector and need to re train staff.

2) Make sure you speak to your suppliers, you need to determine what you will be selling or producing over the festive period and if specific products will be in demand. Do this well in advance to ensure you have exactly what you need and don’t run out of stock.

3) Prepare your “sale” items in advance and make sure they are the correct reduced price in your system and on your website.

4) Contact your designers to ensure any artwork is completed for the festive season, you may add a little Christmas cheer your your online presence or to your in store marketing. Or if its for the new year, you may want a new fresh approach to your design.

5) Make sure your clients and customers know exactly what you have been up to and are planning for the new year. Email Marketing is a great way to do this, you can also encourage clients to sign up to a newsletter or interact with you by running a competition!


There is quite a bit to think about but as long as you are well organised, well prepared and have the funding from sources such as invoice discounting, you should find the festive season and the new year a breeze with these handy tips from Select Factoring.


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