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Is Your Business Energy Efficient?

If your business is trying to cut down on overheads, one thing that you can’t afford to neglect is your energy bills. While gas, electricity and water are all essential to any comfortable working environment, there are ways to cut down your expenditure without needing to go short. The Big Six energy firms are often criticised for increasing their prices, but there’s not much you’ll be able to do about that – instead, looking to make your business more energy efficient is one of the best ways to make sure you’re not wasting your hard earned money, letting you increase cash flow with healthier turnover figures.

Comparing energy prices is one way to start. In 2010, savings through one utility comparison site amounted to over £40million. It’s definitely worth checking your supplier against competitors. Who knows, there might be better deals out there.

There are a few energy saving tips that all small businesses can easily incorporate into their daily lives:

- Invest in energy saving products. While these might initially be more expensive when compared to traditional products, they last much longer and will use less energy in the process. Not only will you save on replacing them but you’ll also be paying less to run them in the long term.

- Make sure your staff know about using energy efficiently. This could be as simple as a reminder to turn off lights and appliances after use, as well as shutting down computers at the end of the day. TVs and monitors shouldn’t be left on standby either, as they’ll be eating up energy all the time.

- Alter your office environment. Make sure your heating and air con is set to a timer to ensure you’re not leaving it on overnight while no one is in the building. Another trick is to turn the power down a few degrees – this will barely be noticed and will help save money in the long run.

While energy saving is always going to be an ongoing battle, making a few simple changes to your working environment can really add up to significant savings.

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