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Is overtime energy costing your business?

Employees completing overtime is a common phenomena for many of the UK’s small businesses. However, while this sort of commitment is great for the company’s bottom line, there can be some hidden negative effects. With 76% of employee’s at Britain’s SMEs clocking an extra 1.9 hours per day on average, there are some costs that can really add up.

Research commissioned by E.ON has shown that this culture for working long hours could be costing your business extra money in heating and electricity, not only when employees are in the building but also overnight when switches are left on. This extra energy use can really add additional costs to your business’ running, costs that could be increasing your bills unnecessarily.

On average, an SME employee will work overtime three days a week. 22% of those employees interviewed admitted that most if not all the lights are left on when they are the last person in their workplace – you wouldn’t do it at home, so why does it happen at work?

Responsibility for switching off the lights is most often done by an individual, but as is clear, it’s often not clear who this is! Most (62%) believe it is the responsibility of the last one in the office, but nearly a quarter see it as the responsibility of a specific person, such as a manager, cleaner or security personnel.

While this might seem like a minor detail, with budgets stretched thin as it is, this added expense could be one too many. Employee dedication is to be applauded, but if you leave the lights on overnight, then a better system is important – timed switches are the answers. This will help you to keep your bills to a minimum,freeing up cash flow which will help you get on with the important task of growing your business -  as well as helping you do your bit for the environment.

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