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During 2011 China’s international trade shrank due to the decrease in import and export. It’s not just the economy in the UK and Europe that is suffering, the worlds largest second economy in China is finding it difficult.

Results from the 2011 trade surplus shows that it has decreased from $181.51 billion in 2010 to $155.14 billion in 2011, which has reflected the issues in Europe and in the United States.

Export did rise in 2011 by 20.4% last year compared to a whopping 31.3% the year before. The demand for products produced abroad has decreased, due to some companies, especially in the UK, sourcing producing at home, or purchasing the equipment and machinery to produce in-house.

China have been leaders in technology and products which doesn’t stop companies from using them to product cost effectively.

Most international export and import will need letters of credit which guarantees payment from clients.

If you need to move into this area but have no real idea of what to do or where to start Select Factoring can help.

Not only can we provide some alternative funding through factoring and invoice discounting, which will give you some cash up front that is tied up in invoices and enable you to pay clients and any shipping costs, we can provide services based on letters of credit.

We can inform you of the process of international import and export and create legal and financial letters of credit which are sent over to clients and adhered to in terms of payment.

It will prove your guarantee to pay clients the amount of money required.

2012 may be a difficult year for some but it doesn’t mean that trade should stop people from continuing with business, far from it, the UK should be proud to fly the flag for international import and export. Especially if we are exporting our own goods!

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