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Have the London Riots effected the economy?

Most people abreast of the news realise that tonight is possibly the 4th night of rioting, not just in London, but other capital cities across the UK. We know that this has effected hundreds of businesses based around the cities, and look on in horror as arsonists and looters wreak havoc, does this have a direct effect on the economy?
Some people believe money and possessions show a certain level of power. With that in mind, its no wonder that the high streets of the major cities have become the focus of these incredible attacks.
Consumption or the way we make decisions about purchasing certain products, helps with two thirds of the UK’s economy. Companies go out of their way to market products to the consumer in hope that they purchase them based on desire.
Could the amount of looting be directly connected with the original shooting of a man on thursday? Possibly not. Is looting a mindless crimes? When you look at the psychology of this, yes its a criminal act but people are taking products which they desire, another form of consumption. When you look at the types of places that have been looted, it doesn’t seem to really make sense, take for instance the looting of a Childrens party shop, who really desires such products? Or does it matter? Is it the act of taking something thats worth something to someone? Or does it all bow down to the perception of power. For all those people who are now proud owners of flat screen TV’s expensive watches and jewellery, and the most modern mobile phones, they now are to be desired themselves.
There is alot of psychology behind the looting and the way we consume products, but as I reach my original point, does it damage the economy? It damages small businesses for a fact. It stops people going to work and trading, it looses companies thousands due to the close down of the cities, so yes we will possibly see a blip in the economy. Spare a thought for those small business owners who have worked hard and taken years to build up thier businesses, which are dashed in a moment of madness.

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