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Growth in Manager Confidence for 2013

For the first time under the coalition government, there is now positivity from many business managers – the majority of those interviewed in new research by the Chartered Management Institute are now positive about prospects for 2013. However, this confidence is still only coming from just over 50% of managers, showing there’s still a long way to go to build real business confidence.

While 2012 has been challenging for many in the small business sector, this research has revealed that, on the whole, managers are more positive than negative across a range of issues, from job security, organisational performance and job market confidence. The Future Forecast report revealed that 53% of managers are optimistic about their organisation’s prospects for the coming year, an increase of 10% from this time a year ago.

Some more figures that have come out of the report a also quite revealing:

- 68% now feel secure in their jobs, up 6% from 2011.

- More managers are not expecting further redundancies in 2013 than are expecting them (49% to 45%)

- Managers’ confidence in the wider job market is increasing – 47% are now confident they would be able to find a new job should they be made redundant.

However, this confidence is not evident across the board. Following the Autumn Statement, which was downbeat about predictions for the whole UK economy with only thin growth margins. Only 25% of managers are optimistic about growth in 2013, however this is an improvement on 17% from 2011.

In order to further boost confidence, from particularly the small business sector, it is necessary to address the ongoing funding issues that small businesses are experiencing. This will not only help growth for a variety of small and medium enterprises, but will also boost the confidence of not only manager but also business owners themselves.

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