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Grab your share in Liverpool

As we all know there are many ways you can transform your business, most of this tends to come in the form of a big funding package.

In the News this week, The Liverpool Echo has launched a campaign to help boost someone’s business in the area.

The £1 Million pounds, part of a government initiative will help small businesses flourish in Merseyside and create new job prospects.

The Liverpool Echo is inviting small companies to apply for part of the fund. If you are hoping to place a £10K investment into your company to take it to the next level, if you already have £5000, you can then apply for the rest of the fund from this incredible campaign.

The initial idea for the campaign came from a meeting between Lord Michael Heseltine, the former minister for Merseyside and the Echo editor.

“Lord Heseltine was keen that money from the RGF was used to help small businesses at a grassroots level,” said Mr Machray.

“To quote him, he said he wanted to reach out to ‘the window cleaner from Kirkby’. He said he felt the best way of doing that was through the ECHO so the maximum number of businesses got the message loud and clear.

“There is no doubt we are in tough economic times but Merseyside has always had a great entrepreneurial tradition.

“We know there are countless small businesses out there that are itching to grow and to create new jobs – and we are keen to give them a helping hand to do just that.”

If you feel that a funding boost would help your business enormously, then any business can apply for the funding. Small to medium businesses in the UK are the life blood of the economy and they need as much support as possible.


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