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Grab your part of the action- 2012 Olympics

The construction of the Olympic village is nearing completion, the athletes have been training hard, and thousands of eager spectators inputted their credit card details online hoping they would get tickets to the events they really wanted to see.

So aside from all the excitement and the hype, will the Olympics boost the UK’s economy? Which businesses will fair from the 2012 event? and how can your business benefit from this incredible event, happening right on your doorstep?

The games have created a boost in both national and international business. Some companies want to take advantage of the huge amount of people that will arrive on our shores to view the games. Other companies will be supplying services and goods to the event itself. Off the back of this business boom, certain companies are trying to continue their business with clients overseas, which would extend beyond 2012.

Even small companies have benefited from the games, there is a story of a hotel which realised they were on the Olympic cycling route, they started to provide breakfast for spectators and ended up turning over 3 times more than their average profit. If you want to get in on the action its about being astute, having a look at events which may be held near you or could be linked some way to your company.

Hotels and restaurants will see and incredible boom as will tourism. It’s not just about business in the UK but overseas opportunities also.

Now would be the perfect time to use advertising to your advantage, and promote your services tied in with the Olympics. Not just normal press advertising but multi platform advertising including social media and online presence.

Your company could have provided steel girders for the construction, so you’re “Holding up the flame” or ” Supporting the Olympics” the opportunities are endless.

If you need the cash to get on with these little jobs, Select Factoring can help by providing a range of factoring services.


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