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Funding needed for new Dubai Theme Park


Graham Henderson, an architect based in Dubai has had a rather splendid idea, but needs to raise funding to complete his dream. Henderson hopes to build a Theme Park based on the loveable VW Beetle- Herbie, and from the back of this attract tourism and visitors to the park.

“The people in Abu Dhabi weren’t terrible supportive so we want to bring it to Dubai,” he said. “I have a consignment of the original Herbie cars which are coming from a private collector… I think it would work really well at Dubai Autodrome. They can’t finance it but there is certain land available on the track we could use.”

The car collection includes the vehicles that appeared in the movies ‘Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo’ and the 2005 movie ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’, which starred actress Lindsay Lohan, imagine getting in the driving seat of these iconic cars from the movies. Plans for this rather exciting theme park include a restaurant in the size and shape of a giant baseball.

Over 15 million tourists are planned to visit the area bu 2020, so the area needs to be able to cater for a whole range of different people including attractions such as

Ferrari World and the Yas and Saadiyat island developments.

Plans were reveals to create a development for an economic boom, and with the addition of such delights as Herbie World, tourists should flock to this par tof the world.

“We continually look for opportunities to grow our business and as a part of that process, we have conversations with many different entities,” a Walt Disney Company spokesperson said.

“While Dubai is an attractive market, we currently have no plans for the region.”

Obviously there is a need for funding, so, if Mr Henderson has already completed some successful projects, Select Factoring could offer some invoice financing solutions, what do you think?

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