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Focus during the festive season

Its time to batten down the hatches for Christmas. Many companies may be still running over the festive period, some may not. If you are still trading, have you got everything ready for the crazy rush? And those quiet periods in the new year? Whether you will be working or taking a break, here at Select Factoring, we have put together a few tips to ensure you are ready to face the festive period.

Small and medium businesses using invoice systems to gain payment from clients may be owed money before Christmas, so lets get things ship shape.

1) Consider outsourcing a credit control specialist who can chase your clients for payment and do all the dirty work

2) Work out your debts and make sure you are paid up before the country closes down

3) Consider outsourcing alternative finance, especially if you are finding the cash flow is getting tight.


Using a Factoring Lender can combat all of these tips. Factoring can enable you to have cash flow from the capital tied up in your invoices, they can then offer to chase clients for payment and act as your credit control, or you can carry on chasing clients yourself. Finally if you do have any debts, you can pay your bills with confidence due to the capital you can raise from your invoices.

Factoring lenders can let you have the amount of money in your invoices and have that within 24 hours.

So, there you have it, handy tips and a solution. Whether you continue trading and need to prepare yourself for sales and shipping, or if you close down over Christmas you can be well prepared for the new year which brings a fresh start and new challenges.

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