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First Anniversary of Angel CoFund

One of the most exciting business funding exploits celebrated its first anniversary this month, marking a year in which £24 million was invested into some of Britain’s most entrepreneurial and innovative businesses. The Angel CoFund sees the Government’s Regional Growth Fund money invested alongside finances from business angel investor syndicates to provide funding for some of Britain’s high-growth businesses.

Over the past year, eighteen companies from a wide range of backgrounds and sectors have enjoyed funding from Angel CoFund. These businesses, based all around the country, have also benefitted from advice and mentoring from the business experts behind the funding operation. The total of £24 million invested make this fund one of the most active in the UK.

This fund operates in a unique way. It specifically targets businesses with high growth potential, so admittedly it won’t be looking to be an answer to all small business funding problems. However, in targetting entrepreneurs with big ideas, it could be able to fund the next big venture in the business sector and could in turn help to create many new jobs. It operates alongside entrepreneurs and angel investors, benefitting from the knowledge of experienced individuals, and spear heading the rise of an alternative funding model.

George Whitehead, non-executive Chairman of the Angel CoFund, said of the anniversary: “The past year has been a hugely successful one for the Angel CoFund. Our funding has helped leverage a total of £24 million into 18 exciting businesses in a strong cross-section of different nationwide markets, from medical research, through to food and drink. This is a phenomenal number of investments for one fund and makes the Angel CoFund one of the most active in the country.

“What has become clear to us is that there are undoubtedly a large number of angel investors operating in the UK, who are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their investment techniques. The Angel CoFund network is successfully supporting these passionate and experienced angel investors in building and driving innovative business.”

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