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Finance in 2012

Welcome to the New Year and we at Select Factoring hope it is prosperous for all!

What do you have planned for the coming year? What to the financial whizz kids predict for 2012? Well, the fact is despite predictions and trends sometimes it all goes to pot and this is when you need a quick, easy solution to provide a range of funding.

Factoring has grown in 2011 and many small and medium businesses have reaped the benefits of this alternative financing solution. Despite this fantastic news, Factoring and Invoice financing still seems to be on the back burner or many people don’t know about it or might be a little apprehensive about using it. Saying that, would you rather wait weeks to be turned down by a bank or wait 24 hours and have the money in your account! It’s really is that simple and we are here to support our British SMEs who really are the fuel of the economy. 2012 saw some real success stories of new businesses starting up and other companies expanding to the international market, so it can’t all be that bad!

So as we raise a glass and cross our fingers to a better 2012, we are here to support a range of companies, providing funding solutions for those who want to expand, factoring isn’t something to shy away from, it’s a growing trend that has taken the USA and Australia by storm and will continue to grow.

It’s a solution for those who have tried the banks, it’s a solution for those who have run out of options and ideas and its a solution to try first before anything else!

The Select Factoring team wish you a happy new year and here is to a profitable 2012!

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