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Federation of Small Businesses in Europe

Achieving growth and boosting jobs within the small business community is one of the government’s big priorities in the coming months and years. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is calling for the government and EU to focus more on the needs of the small business community in order to create a productive environment – therefore boosting jobs and growth all at once, as well as helping the economy to gain a bit of a better footing for the new year.

The relationship of the FSB with the EU is particularly interesting , especially given the diversity of opinion within the organisation about how the UK can best work with its European partners in order to get the best for the small business community. Though the FSB is neutral on the bigger questions of the UK remaining inside the EU, it is encouraging Europe to ‘Think Small First’ when it comes to business.

Having the FSB operating at a European level is helping to raise awareness of what needs to be done for the UK small business community. The lobbying group has said that its focus will always be to secure the best it can for small businesses and its members, especially when it comes to business regulations and opening up the European market for small businesses.

With exports one of the key avenues for growth that many small companies are starting to take advantage of, the work of the FSB in this area could be essential in making it as accessible as possible. First time exporters especially find it easier, regulation wise, to trade with other members of the EU, and so the FSB continuing its work to open up the market even more could lead to a greater number of businesses trading on the European stage.

So, if your business is looking to achieve growth through exporting to the European market, it’s worth keeping an eye on the FSB and all its initiatives. Europe is the most important trading partner for the UK, so if you’re looking to achieve growth, taking advantage of these opportunities could be a step in the right direction.

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