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Release the money tied up in customer invoices immediately with Factoring through Select Factoring.


Invoices taken care of quickly

You send out all of your invoices to your customer based then pass on these details to the Factoring Lender.

The Lender then  releases up to 90% of the funds tied up in your invoices and often transfer it to you within 24 hours, so you have immediate cash flow.

They then chase all of your customers to pay the invoices, once paid, they release the remaining 10% of the funds to you minus a small fee.

This takes care of all your invoices and allows a great amount of funds to be available to you very quickly.

The benefits of choosing factoring are:

  • The Factoring Lender will take care of all of your invoices
  • They  will release funds quickly
  • They will collect the invoice payments from customers
  • You can pay staff and HMRC on time
  • You can purchase more materials
  • Minimum paperwork
  • Quick and simple solution

Select Factoring has the solutions

In an economy where banks and lenders are holding back on funding, Select Factoring can provide you with the solution through Factoring.

For more information, contact Select Factoring on 0123 412 3456

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