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Exchange Rate Holidays

Some of the lucky staff at Select Factoring have managed to squeeze a weeks holiday into this month. September is a great time of year to get away, due to the decrease in crowds, good weather, which is not too hot and money saving holiday bargains.

This year a member of the team has jetted off to Lake Garda in Italy, we get regular updates about the holiday, and we’re not jealous at all!

Italy is an incredibly expensive destination, obviously the addition of the euro over the past decade has boosted the price of spending, but currently Italy’s economy is not at its healthiest, in fact in recent news, Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s prime minister, met with the Bank Of Italy’s director, to discuss the economy. Italy, like many other European countries has been hit by the Eurozone crisis, is having to try and claw its way out of this predicament by raising taxes and so on, to the dismay of the average Italian worker.

Its funny how you witness this whilst on holiday, unless you kept abreast of Italy’s financial news you may not realise the trouble they are in.

Sirmione in the peninsula of Lake Gardaseems like a world away from worries, visited by millions of visitors a year, Sirmione boasts a holiday home to  millionaires such as Michael Schumacher and back in the day Maria Callas.

The streets are lined with beautiful buildings and the top hotels and everywhere you look Ferraris, Maseratis and Rolls Royce’s are casually driving around, it seems a million miles away from the Euro zone crisis the country needs help with. But like most tourist destinations, you possibly wouldn’t notice amongst the thousands of people lining the streets paying good money for tea towels and ashtrays to take home.

We look forward to the return of our jet set select factoring team, lets hope they havent wasted their money on gifts!


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