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Down in the dumps in Derby

Based in Derby? Finding funding a struggle? Need to pay of debts and other bills?

Have you ever considered alternative funding?

Today HSBC have promised £7 Billion to plough into the UK Trade Finance in 2012. This should increase flexibility and allow companies to expand and deliver even better services to their customers.

If, however, you can’t wait for this to happen, know that alternative funding is always there for you.

If you are not sure what exactly alternative funding is, or afraid that straying from your bank manager is like having an affair, not to worry, it’s quite simple and you will wonder why you never considered it before.

2011 saw a rise in companies using alternative funding, especially in the last financial quarter. Many still don’t know enough about it to make the first step into using a financing system which has proved incredibly popular in countries such as the USA and Australia.

But if you have no idea what Factoring is or Invoice discounting, be educated, because you may realise you’ve been missing a trick with this type of funding.

The basics are, you use money tied up in invoices. It’s that simple. There are an array of factoring lenders who are ready and willing to take on your invoices and transfer up to 90% of the equivalent amount into your bank account, plus this can be in your account in 24 hours.

Then the lenders will continue to chase your clients for their invoice payments until every one is paid, then you receive the last 10% minus a small fee for using the factoring lender. It is quick, it is efficient, you are using your own money.

So, companies of Derby, what could me more simple and readily available than using alternative funding?

If you need to expand, get the money owed to you up front with Factoring.

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