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Does your business need the Small Business Finance Directory?

Are you using the small business finance directory? Developed by leading financial bodies such as the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA), the Directory aims to help over 60 000 businesses in the first year. It covers all the funding options available for your business, across the UK. Wherever your business is based, you’ll be able to find it in the directory.

One of the biggest barriers to businesses knowing what the best funding options are is knowledge. Loans and overdrafts might be the most well-known, but they won’t necessarily be the most suitable or the most accessible. This is what the Directory hopes to achieve; if some of the mystery can be dispelled, hopefully more businesses can get on track with their finances.

Alternative Funding

All sorts of finance solutions are included in the directory – leasing and hire purchase, commercial mortgages and asset-based finance. Factoring and invoice discounting are also options that could benefit from greater exposure to small businesses. Though these are valuable funding options, invoice finance is not as well-known as it needs to be to really fill the lending gap created by the banks.

Factoring can help to improve your business’ cash flow by releasing funds tied up in unpaid invoices. Selective factoring can create a tailored plan to factor some of your invoices, or else you can factor all your invoices and the factoring lender can collect debts for you. Whether you want a cash flow boost or a whole credit control system, factoring can help.

If your business is struggling with chasing invoices and debts, then factoring and invoice discounting could offer a solution. Take a look at for more information, or get in touch with Select Factoring to talk about invoice finance today.


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